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Hi, we're ripplemark, a learning organization of everything digital. Our people come first, everything else second.

Our agency believes that learning is the highest value anyone can hold in today's fast changing digital landscape.

Here we focus on the correct implementation of digital marketing, and that rests on the proper understanding of concepts such as customer journey, inbound methodology and performance marketing. Today, marketing to customers online is no longer going to an agency, asking it to do some posts & boosting content to thousands of people while the agency mindlessly charges for a non result driven service. By results we don’t mean likes or shares, we mean being able to measure whether these activities have had a significant effect on the company’s bottom line. Tying in social with offline, measuring traffic on your website, creating goals that represent growth metrics to the business, making sure you’re optimizing your website for search, retargeting your prospects, using analytics tools to attribute success to certain channels over others, etc. That’s ultimately what a digital marketing pursuit must look like, anything else is not digital marketing.

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social media marketing

To ensure that our goals are in sync with your goals, we link our social media efforts to our clients’ precise KPIs (awareness, sales, installations, downloads, etc.)

Our arsenal:

  • Re-marketing techniques specifically on Facebook using the platform’s powerful re- targeting tools.
  • Expertise in highly specific targeting for Facebook & Instragram ads.
  • AdWords campaigns that are built on a proper understanding of Google’s golden rule… The Quality Score
  • Extensive knowledge of keyword research techniques for a variety of marketing purposes: SEO, SEM, optimised content writing, AdWords)
  • Our team. We love digital marketing, we love creative ads, and we write. A lot.

social media management

With billions of conversations on social media happening everyday, it’s often difficult to cut through the clutter. Delivering an effective message isn’t easy, and a lot of companies struggle to set measurable goals, create clear social media policies, and apply a distinctive brand voice. With that in mind, our approach is always built on the cornerstone of optimisation.

We optimize:

  • Content quality.
  • Inbound marketing formulas.
  • Consistency and a homogenous social tone of voice for your brand.
  • Brand loyalty.
  • Personalised engagement.

content writing

At ripplemark, we understand the importance of communication and language – they have to be in perfect symbiosis in order for ‘meaning’ to develop. What is written and what’s implied are two very different yet inextricable features of language. These are the prophecies that descended upon us long ago, the sacred laws that govern our agency as a whole when it comes to our use of language. Our agency was founded on game-changing content writing and we absolutely refuse to compromise when it comes to the quality and excellence of our copy, whatever the medium. We take our words seriously, and we all take a language oath… not kidding.

web design

You have 10 seconds to keep a new visitor on your website. We don’t just work to keep visitors on your site for longer; we work to turn them into customers. The spectrum of websites that we design & develop is massive – we deliver everything from blogs to social media platforms to e-commerce websites. Our Design Department collaborates with data representation specialists and experienced copy-writers to ensure that your website is innovative, user-friendly, has engaging content, and is presented by state-of-the-art technologies.

website development

We have over 25 years of combined experience in the industry at our clients’ disposal. We follow international project management protocols for IT projects. By situating user experience firmly at the forefront, we merge design, front-end optimisation, and back-end development to create beautifully integrated, bespoke websites that meet our clients’ precise requirements. Our range of expertise in software development spans everything from simple blogs to complex social media platforms. We specialise in e-commerce websites that encompass multiple features that aid clients in managing their websites and generating reports without the need for prior experience.


Branding and design are two intertwined concepts that tell the aesthetic story of a brand. We rely on the seamless integration of the two to build visually great brands that tell even better stories. We believe that brands need to create an interactive, emotional relationship with people and take the unique stories and values of your company, and shape them into a brand that speaks to users in a genuine and authentic way. A brand that people can relate to is always a successful brand. Simple, innovative, and creative designs inspire us. It’s not about being different; it’s about being better. At ripplemark, simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

our work

  • 3agalmasr

    Website Development & Social Media
  • Ammanii

    Website Development & Social Media
  • Battlefield

    Social Media (Sep '15 - Dec '15)
  • Bayside

  • Cafex

    Social Media
  • Diwan bookstore

    Website Design
  • El Supplier

    Social Media
  • Katameya Heights

    Social Media (June '14 - June '15)
  • Nevine Soliman

    Social Media
  • Palm Cafe

  • Patio Zone

    Social Media
  • Upswing

    Website Development
  • Zayneb Azzam

    Website Development
  • RSM

    Website Development & Social Media
  • Pop Up Shop

    Social Media (Dec '14 - March '15)
  • Nacelle

    Social Media (Feb '14 - Sep '15)
  • Almaza Bay

    Social Media (Mar '15 - Aug '15)
  • Reebok Fitness

    Social Media (Apr '15 - August '15)

    Social Media (Feb '16 - Aug '16)
  • Beitko

    Social Media (May '16 - Aug '16)
  • DHI

    Social Media (March 16 - Present)
  • The Qode

    Social Media (Feb 16 - Present)
  • Qubix

    Social Media (Oct 16 - Present)
  • Gallery El-Serafy

    Website Development
  • California Kitchen

    Social Media
  • Ice Breaker

    Social Media
  • Crust Pizza

    Social Media
  • Ivy

    Social Media
  • Le Prince

    Social Media
  • Coppermelt

    Social Media
  • Baobuns

    Social Media
  • CReality

    Social Media
  • Hewaya

    Social Media
  • Fabrika

    Social Media
  • Vivian

    Social Media
  • Miriam Nazmy

    Social Media
  • Brass Monkeys

    Social Media
  • Dina Mourad

    Social Media
  • Falak

    Social Media
  • Gazef

    Social Media
  • Sherwal

    Social Media
  • Qube

    Social Media
  • Auto Tech

    Social Media
  • MusiQ

    Social Media
  • Christine Massarany

    Social Media
  • Motif Home

    Social Media
  • Dirty Byrd

    Social Media
  • BID Properties

    Social Media
  • Galaxia Tours

    Social Media
  • Ariaf

    Social Media
  • Reform Studio

    Social Media
  • Samya Allouba

    Social Media
  • Salem Alta Moda

    Social Media
  • Tradich

    Social Media
  • Seara Chicken

    Social Media

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